The flow-chart

On the night between the 22:nd and 23:rd of January I was watching the Trump senate trial which inspired me to create a picture that has since then been making the rounds on social media

“Claim house investigation is a sham due to lack of evidence


Refuse to hand over evidence due to investigation being a sham!”

This picture was first porsted in this thread in the subreddit of r/PoliticalHumor/ with the title “Found this flow-chart” 

As of this moment (20/01/25 – 17:46 GMT+1), the post has recived over 28,000 upvotes and the image hosted on Imgur has been showed over 300,000 times.

The image has been shared multiple times on social media, most prominently on Twitter, I do not mind people sharing this, actually I encourage it.

Below are some examples of prominent tweets

The other 98%

Recently picked up and shared the image as well.

We resist

Followed their lead

The Mary Sue

Newspaper picked up the tweet from Adam Best and it has been featured twice.



The image has gone through various interpretations.